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You have received an invitation to read a book that explains the truth behind the Coronavirus Pandemic and future events that will dramatically alter the world we live in.

Before you download this free book, it is vitally important that you grasp a basic truth that is demonstrated in the following story:

A young man received a new drone as a birthday present and excitedly opened the box. Right at the top is the instruction manual with a warning label that says, “Please read and follow the steps in this manual before attempting to fly the drone.”

The boy picks up the manual and peruses a few pages, but his excitement is just too much. After all, he has flown other drones before, so this one can’t be much different…. right?

He charges the battery, connects the propellers, and turns it on. Deftly handling the controls, he launches the drone and then watches as it inexplicably flies away never to be found again.

FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, read the entire book IN THE ORDER IT’S WRITTEN before you come to any conclusions or make any decisions.

We have intentionally written so that it is short and to the point. However, without understanding the “complete picture”, you will not understand or receive the benefit of the truth it presents.

Thank you for taking the time to read “The Truth You Need”.

It is our sincere hope that you and your family will read it and understand the truth it shares.


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